Dear friends 

SMILE and be safe is our answer to the new Corona hygiene needs. We want to protect ourselves and others and show that we are responsible. Many people now think this way and there are still more to come.


We founded our start-up in the forced intermission of the first lockdown. As communication consultants, we know how important non-verbal communication, emotions and facial expressions are for us humans. For interpersonal relationships, for the development of young children, for pedagogy and therapy and for all people with hearing impairments - after all, one in five in Austria. 


It was therefore our aim to develop a mask that would meet all requirements: aesthetically pleasing due to its design and transparency, light and comfortable to wear, intelligent and well thought-out with practical features and, above all, a high-quality product manufactured in Austria. A mask that is suitable for everyday use and easy to wear correctly, especially with regard to hygienic requirements.


SMILE and be safe has been produced in Vorarlberg since May, a sustainable and completely recyclable product made of high-quality certified food-safe plastic. Many people appreciate our mask because it allows them to breathe freely, is easy to clean unlike cloth and paper masks, and is absolutely hygienic to wear because it is always reusable and, unlike visors, fits snugly and reaches under the chin. 

Our expectations that we could offer a good and sought-after product with our mask have been more than fulfilled. The broad interest from all sides, the positive feedback and the spontaneous enthusiasm for the mask, gave us great confirmation.


A heartfelt thank you to all of you!


The inventors of SMILE and be safe 

Dr Angelika Böhler and Dr Fleur Weiland