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The ORIGINAL - Made in AustriaThe innovative design allows free breathing and sits comfortably even without being attached to the ears - ideal for people who wear glasses and hearing aids.


The nose, mouth and chin are completely covered, the mask fits tightly on the cheeks up to the ears and also reaches under the chin.


A mask that is both stylish and sustainable, 100% recyclable and made in Austria. 


SMILE Junior - the perfect companion for the classroom. Breathing freely and transparency are essential for good teaching.


A mask that is fun to wear, available in 5 colours.

Information on the approval of transparent mouth-nose protection (MNS) 
valid since November 2020


The Austrian Chamber of Commerce has asked the Ministry of Health (BMSGPK) whether there is a conclusive legal opinion on the part of the Ministry of Health on the admissibility criteria and the use of transparent plastic masks.The question: Do tight-fitting plastic masks fulfil the criteria of the Protective Masks Ordinance (SchuMaV), provided that they - only leave the distance to the face free that is necessary for breathing,

  • they completely cover the front of the nose, 

  • the frontal part of the chin is completely covered, and

  • cover the sides of the mouth beyond the corners of the mouth?



The legal service of the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection has provided information that transparent protective masks are permissible as long as they also reach up to the ears and well below the chin. According to this, the SMILE and be safe mask complies with the new SchuMaV of the Austrian Federal Ministry and is suitable for use as a general or community mask.  In addition, it also complies with the specifications of the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care for personal protective equipment (PPE/Community Mask). CE conformity according to: Classification according to Annex I, Category I and complies with the essential requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment according to Annex II. The mask is suitable as a mouth-nose protector according to CE 2016/425.

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